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Dressel's Service Station has a rich history that spans over nine decades, beginning with its establishment in 1930 by its founder, Bob Dressel. Originally founded as an automotive repair business, Dressel's Service Station quickly became a reputable name in the industry. In 1962, a pivotal moment in the station's history occurred when it was purchased by Martin Merrill. 
Martin, along with his wife Jeanne, dedicated an impressive 40 years to the growth and development of the business. Under their leadership, Dressel's Service Station flourished into an outstanding automotive repair establishment, known for its commitment to quality repairs, exceptional customer service, and active involvement in the local community.
Upon Martin and Jeanne's retirement, the legacy of Dressel's Service Station was passed on to their four sons: Scott, Russell, Doug, and Steve. The Merrill brothers continued the family tradition, upholding the standards of excellence set by their parents. Their collective efforts ensured the continued success of Dressel's Service Station, solidifying its standing as a trusted name in automotive repair.

In 2023, a new chapter in the station's history unfolded as Dressel's Service Station underwent a change in ownership. The business was acquired by two husband-and-wife teams: Nicholas and Aldina Smith, as well as Brett and Brittany Merrill. The new owners, like their predecessors, expressed a strong commitment to maintaining the high standards of repair quality, customer service, and community outreach.
The dedicated team at Dressel's Service Station works tirelessly to uphold the values and traditions instilled by the Dressel and Merrill families. Their focus on providing top-notch repair services, excellent customer experiences, and active community engagement ensures that Dressel's Service Station remains a cornerstone in the automotive industry, with a legacy built on decades of hard work, dedication, and a passion for serving the community.

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